Gujarat, the state where the tranquil essence of nature comes together with fascinating chronicles of history, lies to the western coast of India, on the Arabian Sea. It shares its northeastern border with Rajasthan, the southern border with Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, the southeastern border with Maharashtra, the eastern border with Madhya Pradesh, and the western border with the Pakistani province of Sindh and the Arabian Sea.

The state houses about 5 Bird Sanctuaries, 19 Wildlife Sanctuaries, and 4 National Parks, namely, the Vansda National Park, the Blackbuck (Velavadar) National Park, the Marine (Gulf of Kutch) National Park, and the world-famous Gir National Park. The incredible deciduous and evergreen forests in Vansda National Park consist of the “Katas” Bamboo groves that owe its beauty to no felling of trees since 1952. The Blackbuck National Park is exclusively dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Blackbucks and their natural habitat, and the Gir National Park is the only area in the world to hold populations of the Asiatic Lion, which is also the State Animal of Gujarat. The Marine (Gulf of Kutch) National Park consists of 42 islands and special marine species that are taken care of in their natural surroundings. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) placed the park under Category II of Important National Parks of the World.

The terrain and vegetation of Gujarat exhibit great contrasts such as salt marshes along the Rann of Kutch and arid and semi-arid scrublands across the Kathiawar Peninsula to the fertile, coastal plains in the southeast. The area is so incredible, such that during the rainy season, the Kutch district becomes an island due to the excess water and during the dry, summer season, the land is sandy and arid and is prone to dust storms. The State Flower is the extensively found Marigold, whereas the State Bird is the Greater Flamingo that can be observed in the Bird Sanctuaries and Flamingo City, especially during the winter season. The State Tree, however, is still being disputed. Gujarat is a place that encompasses and serves to the desires of every tourist. Some sites are popular as historical sites dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization and many other major dynasties of India. On the other hand, it has a very wide variety of flora and fauna that is sure to mesmerize any viewer. The sights that one beholds here, stay with them for their lifetime and make them constantly crave for more. Such is the beauty of Incredible India.

Major Wildlife Destinations

Sr. No.National ParkYear of EstablishmentArea (km2)
1Vansda 197923.99
2Blackbuck (Velavadar) 197634.53
3Gir 1975258.71
4Marine (Gulf of Kachchh) 1982162.89

Source: National Wildlife Database, Wildlife Institute of India

Sr. No.Wildlife Sanctuary/ Protected AreaYear of EstablishmentArea (km2)
1Balaram Ambaji1989542.08
3Gaga (Great Indian Bustard)19883.33
8Jessore Sloth Bear1978180.66
9Kachchh (Lala) Great Indian Bustard19952.03
10Kachchh Desert19867506.22
11Khijadiya Bird19816.05
12Marine (Gulf of Kachchh)1980295.03
14Nal Sarovar Bird1969120.82
15Narayan Sarovar Chinkara1995442.91
17Porbandar Bird19880.09
19Rampara Vidi198815.01
20Ratanmahal Sloth Bear198255.65
21Shoolpaneswar (Dhumkhal)1982607.7
22Thol Lake19886.99
23Wild Ass19734953.71

Source: National Wildlife Database, Wildlife Institute of India

Sr. No.Conservation Center/ Protected AreaYear of EstablishmentArea (km2)

Source: National Wildlife Database, Wildlife Institute of India

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