About sUNDARBANS National Park


24 Parganas , West Bengal

Best time to Visit

October to March

Nearest Airport

Kolkata - About 100 km


National Park - Approx. 1330 Sq. Km.
Tiger Reserve - Approx. 2585 Sq. Km.


Maximum 40oC & Minimum 9oC

Nearest Railway Station

Canning - About 2 km


The Park is usually closed for tourists from 16th June to 15th September every year.

The Sundarbans National Park, located in the north and south 24-Parganas district, is a part of the largest delta in the world formed by the convergence of two mighty Himalayan rivers, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra.

Designated as a World UNESCO Heritage Site, Sundarban National Park gets its name from the Mangrove plant called ‘Sundari’ or ‘Shundori’ in Bengali, meaning beautiful, and the word ‘Sundarbans’ can be translated to ‘beautiful forests.’ The entire area is a conglomeration of river channels, creeks, and islands, and the forest can be enjoyed the most by navigating through boats. The Mangrove forests are the widest reserve to the Royal Bengal Tigers, and the park also has floating watch stations and camps to prevent the activities of poachers.

Sightings of the unique wildlife here is a challenging affair, but the thrill of a boat safari amongst the widest mangrove forests of the world is worth a visit.

Major Wildlife

Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard Cat, Woodpecker, Chital, Macaque, Wild Boar, Fox, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, Common Kingfisher, Peregrine Falcon, Jungle Babbler, Common Teal, Flying Fox, Pangolin, Indian Grey Mongoose, Estuarine Crocodile, Chameleon, Herring Gull, Caspian Tern, Gray Heron, King Cobra, Russell’s Viper, Mouse Gecko, Green Pigeon, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Paradise Flycatcher, Cormorant, Fishing Eagle, Large Egret, Night Heron, Water Hen, Coot, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Common Snipe, Wood Sandpiper, Pariah Kite, Brahminy Kite,  Open-billed Stork, White Ibis, Brahminy Duck, Marsh Harrier, Rat Snake, Swamp Partridge, Red Jungle Fowl, Spotted Dove, Common Myna, Jungle Crow, Monitor Lizard, Curvier, HawksBill Turtle, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Spotted-billed Pelican, Dog-faced Water Snake, Green Turtle, Python, Common Krait, Olive Ridley Turtle, Sea Snake, Salvator Lizard, Hard Shelled Batgun Terrapin, and more.

distance from major cities

Kolkata – About 100  km
Delhi – About  1633 km
Mumbai – About 2036  km

near by attractions

Sajnekhali, Netidhopani, Sudhanyakhali, Piyali Island, Lothian Island Bird Sanctuary.
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