About DESERT National Park


Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Best time to Visit

November to March

Nearest Airport

Jodhpur Airport - About 322 km
Udaipur Airport - About 505 km


Approx. 3162 Sq. Km.


Maximum 50oC & Minimum 4oC

Nearest Railway Station

Jaisalmer - About 13 km


The Park is open for tourists throughout the year.

Amidst the vast ocean of sand lies the Desert National Park, a place to witness the outstanding ecosystem of the Thar Desert. Home of the endangered Great Indian Bustard, the park withholds some magnificent sights of how life flourishes in these brutal conditions.

The topography of Desert National Park supports sandy, gravelly, rocky, and compact salt lake bottoms. Despite such harsh conditions, it has an abundance of birdlife accompanied by other few wild animals. It also has fossil evidence dating back to the Jurassic Period, indicating a hot and humid climate characterized by dense forests.

With an area of more than 3000 square km, Desert National Park is the biggest in Rajasthan and offers a different experience altogether.

Major Wildlife

Great Indian Bustard, Falcons, Eagles, Vultures, Bee-Eaters, Shrikes, Larks, Demoiselle Crane, Macqueen’s Bustard, Sandgrouse, Long-Legged, Honey Buzzards, chats, babblers, kites, Camel, Desert Fox, Bengal Fox, Chinkara, Wolf, Desert Cat, Blackbuck, Hedgehog, Nilgai, Russell’s viper, Saw Scaled Viper, Monitor Lizard, Spiny tailed lizard, Saw scaled viper, Common Krait, Spiny Tailed Lizard, Gecko and Persian Gecko.

distance from major cities

Jaisalmer – About 10 km
Jodhpur – About 322 km
Delhi – About 792 km
Mumbai – About 1075 km

near by attractions

Jaisalmer – The Golden City

Popular wildlife tours in Rajasthan

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