About Blackbuck National Park


Velavadar, Gujarat

Best time to Visit

October to March

Nearest Airport

Ahmedabad - About 150 km


Approx. 34 Sq. Km.


Maximum 48oC & Minimum 5oC

Nearest Railway Station

Bhavnagar - About 70 km


The Park is open for tourists throughout the year.

Blackbuck (Velavadar) National Park is a unique one with exclusive grassland habitat, shrublands, saline plains, and mudflats. Located between two rivers, Parvalia and Alang, the park was established in the year 1976 for the conservation of Blackbucks.

The park used to be the private grasslands of the then Maharaja of the princely state of Bhavnagar. He used to hunt Black-bucks with his famous hunting Cheetahs. But after independence, due to excessive hunting, Cheetahs are extinct here, and the urge to conserve the only living Blackbucks in India was at its peak. Later in the year 1969, the grasslands were declared as a sanctuary and later on in 1976 declared as a national park with a total area of around 34 square kilometers.

The park attracts many species of birds, mammals, flowering plants, and reptiles, and it is a heaven for Demoiselle Cranes, Common Cranes, and a variety of raptors including Spotted Eagles and Steppe Eagles. 

Major Wildlife

Blackbuck, Nilgai, Wild boar, Indian Grey Wolf, Striped Hyena, Indian Fox, Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat, Hare, Gerbil, Field mice, Mongoose, Hedgehog, Wolves, Wild pigs, Rodents, Saw Scaled Vipers, Common Cobra, Krait, Rat Snake, Sand boa, Rufous-tailed Lark, Greater Short-toed Lark, Ashy-crowned and Black-crowned Sparrow Lark, Indian Bushlark, Singing Bushlark, Crested Lark, Painted and Grey Francolin, Desert and Variable Wheatear, Chestnut Bellied Sandgrouse, Spotted Sandgrouse, Painted Sandgrouse, Quails and Saras Crane, Laggar Falcon, Eurasian Hobby, Kestrel, Red-necked Falcon, Peregrine Falcon, Eurasian Imperial Eagle, Tawny Eagle, and Short-toed Eagle. 

distance from major cities

Bhavnagar – About 47 km
Ahmedabad – About 145 km
Rajkot – About 180 km
Mumbai – About 599 km
Delhi – About 1100 km 

near by attractions

Takhteshwar Temple – The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It was built in the year 1893 by the local royal family. 

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